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Do you own Bitcoin? You might want to check your virtual wallet

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Bitcoin has been on a wild ride this week.

The value of a single Bitcoin has doubled in the past month. It's up 900 percent over this time last year.

Created in 2009 by a mystery entrepreneur, Bitcoin is a virtual currency without regulators, bought and spent anonymously around the world.

Jon Fisher bought $50 in Bitcoin to purchase computer software back in September.

Since his buy, Bitcoin has gone on a serious run, turning $8 in pocket change into $145.

"It is volatile," said Fisher. "There's nothing backing it other than what people are willing to pay for it."

There's a finite number of Bitcoin available, only 21 million.

They are mostly mined by hackers, but the finding gets harder as more are discovered.

Today, there are roughly 5 million left to find, so Bitcoin has become very valuable.

This week, the price has gone through the roof.

"Right now, it's worth $10,000 per Bitcoin," Fisher said. "It could be worth nothing tomorrow."

Oklahoma City attorney Noble McIntyre got into Bitcoin two years ago.

It was an inadvertent investment in 2015 after McIntyre's law firm was hit by Russian hackers.

"They locked down my whole server," McIntyre remembers. "In order to release it, I had to pay a ransom, and I had to pay it in Bitcoin."

McIntyre set up a Bitcoin account, paid the ransom and forgot about his change, which was $300 in left in his Bitcoin wallet.

"Then I saw Bitcoin had gone over $10,000 this week, and I wondered how much my $300 was worth," McIntyre said. "I thought maybe $600, maybe $800. It took me a few days to even find the password to log back in."

When he finally logged back into the system, McIntyre saw his $300 had grown to more than $6500; that's a profit of more than $6,000.

"100 percent by accident because I was hacked by Russians. I blame the Russians!" McIntyre joked.

If you are interested in buying cryptocurrency of your own, you can download an app.

There are several you can use to get in the market.

Keep in mind, there's a very limited number of major businesses that accept virtual currency for pay.

There is one Bitcoin ATM in Oklahoma City located at the Speed Mart in the 3400 block of Southwest 29th Street.

The owner at Speed Mart says he has a surprising number of customers come in to pay cash for Bitcoin.

Those customers are, unsurprisingly, mostly young people.

Bitcoin is one of hundreds of cryptocurrencies available online.