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Gov. Fallin says developing budget plan is “taking longer than anticipated”

Oklahoma Capitol

OKLAHOMA CITY – State leaders say it is taking a little longer than expected to call lawmakers back to the Capitol for a second special session.

For two months during the special session, legislators were unable to pass revenue bills out of the House of Representatives. Instead, their final plan was to use state cash and cuts to state agencies to fix the current budget hole.

However, Gov. Mary Fallin vetoed that plan and said that lawmakers would be called back to the Capitol for a second special session.

“We’re not going to fix things unless I force them to come back and get the job done,” said Fallin.

Initially, Fallin said that she expected to announce the start of the second special session this week.

Now, it seems that things are taking a bit longer than expected.

“Discussions are continuing with legislative leaders, legislators and Oklahomans in all types of professions from across the state on a long-term, predictable solution to fix our budget and fund core services. Being in a state of constant crisis is hurting Oklahoma’s people, its image and its brand as a state. Ideas and offers of support have poured into my office. It is taking longer than anticipated to develop budget plan estimates and gauge support for various revenue proposals. That information should be available for my review in the days ahead. I’ll announce very soon the start date of the second special session,” Fallin said in a statement to News 4.