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GRAPHIC: Someone is using hedge clippers to chop off dogs’ paws


ANDERSON, Ind. - Someone is mutilating dogs in an Indiana town, and even tearing apart fences to steal the dogs from their own yards.

"They tore the board off, they tore the gate open and they forced Charlie through here," Chase Gale said, referring to a hole in the fence.

Gale's beloved 12-year-old chocolate lab, Charlie, was stolen from his own backyard by someone who viciously cut off three of Charlie's paws with hedge clippers, and skinned his tail - then returned the dog to his yard.

"Terrible, just terrible," Gale told WTHR. "I don't know who would do something like this."

Gale found Charlie alive in a pool of his own blood, but the vet recommended that Charlie be put down.

The necropsy revealed that a pair of hedge clippers was the weapon used to chop off Charlie's feet, sending shock through the town of Anderson, especially among the neighbors who loved Charlie.

"I’m just glad I didn’t get hold of them. He was a good dog," David Tierney said.

Unfortunately, Charlie isn't the only dog found mutilated in the town of Anderson.

At least two others nearby were also heinously tortured, including one dog found headless along railroad tracks, with its front legs severed.

"I'm very concerned about this dog slaughtering going on," said neighbor J. Gegenheimer, a retired police K-9 handler.

Many residents in Anderson, like Brooke Safford, are keeping their dogs indoors until the ruthless animal abuser is captured.

"You're not right in the head if you’re doing something like that," Safford said.