Officers buy new car seat for family instead of issuing speeding ticket 

GEAUGA COUNTY, Ohio - Two troopers are being praised for their actions during a traffic stop.

It started when Deputy Brian Sebor pulled over a vehicle for speeding.

Trooper Jennifer Detmer pulled over to assist when she saw the traffic stop.

Both Deputy Sebor and Trooper Detmer noticed a baby in a car seat in the back, but something didn't look right.

“They kind of had the strap tied around the child’s stomach with the car seat facing backwards,” Deputy Sebor told Fox 8.

Knowing they couldn't let the family drive away with a broken car seat, Deputy Sebor and Trooper Detmer decided to split the cost of a new one for the family.

“It’s not all about just giving tickets,” he said. “Give a warning for the ticket and now they have a brand-new car seat that keeps that baby safe."

Deputy Sebor says, it was just the right thing to do.

“I thought the family at this time of year could use some help, so I thought we would try and go that route and help them out,” he said.