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Suspect on the run after driver crashed into a creek, took off running during police chase

OKLAHOMA CITY — A suspect is on the run following a police chase in Oklahoma City.

"For the most part, it's a really quiet area,” Mike Bell told News 4.

Early Friday morning, that wasn’t the case.

Authorities say it all started down the road with a stolen car at a bar. The victim told officers that the suspects pointed a gun him, hit him on the head, stole his wallet and took off in his car.

Police spotted the vehicle several hours later, which led to a short chase through a neighborhood around S.W. 28th St. and Broadway. It eventually crashed into Lightning Creek.

"A lot of the police sirens woke me up. I guess there was maybe four or five cars, and then an ambulance, firetrucks and all that came out,” Bell said.

However, it didn’t stop there.

"I stood at the door and I was told to go back in the house. They just didn't want anybody else out there,” Bell said.

People living around the creek wanted answers, and it wasn’t long before they learned what happened.

"They were chasing a couple of guys, they caught one of them in the car but the other one got away,” Ronnie Holder, another area resident, said.

Police arrested Daniel Hernandez.

Almost 10 hours later, with the second suspect still on the run, some were on edge but others, like Holder, were still processing what they witnessed.

"I seen them pull the car out last night. It was a lot of excitement around here, we hadn't had in a while,” Holder said.