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Baker Mayfield Looks To Take Home Heisman Trophy

If you’ve ever been outside Oklahoma Memorial Stadium you’ve likely seen the Sooners Heisman park.

It appears they may want to set aside some space for a sixth statue, because it’s believed Baker Mayfield’s built up a big lead to take home the trophy.

He only helped his cause after tying a Big 12 record after throwing four touchdown passes in the championship game to win a third straight title.

“You have to enjoy it,” Baker Mayfield, OU senior quarterback, said.  “It has been a long season.  We’ll enjoy this week, and then after that it’s back to work.  Obviously I’m not going to downplay that.  That would be something very special.  Just getting to go is special enough, like I said, the reason I came back was to win a national title.”

“He’s been the best player in the country all year,” Mykel Jones, OU sophomore wide receiver, said.  “I definitely feel like he has a shot at winning it, and I feel like he should win it.  This guy goes out and competes at a high level, and he shows it by his preparation and practice.  It starts at practice, and it starts with his leadership.  We follow him, and he’s been going in the right direction.”

“He’s been doing stuff like that since I met him,” Rodney Anderson, OU sophomore running back, said.  “That’s in practice, that’s over the summer, that’s in games, that’s everything.  Every time he’s on the field he’s doing things that are great.  He’s just as great of a teammate off the field as he is on the field, so he deserves it.”