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10-year-old Oklahoma girl leaves letter on toy at Walmart in hopes Santa will see it 

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ARDMORE, Okla. – A 10-year-old girl who left a letter on a toy at Walmart is hoping Santa will see it before Christmas.

“Dear Santa, 
I want this please. 
Love, Alyssa Wood.”

“I just really wanted to have the toy,” said Alyssa Wood. “I don’t know if he will find it, but I really hope he does.”

Leah Agers, who found the note while shopping, posted the photo to Facebook saying, “ARDMORE friends: I found this sweet note on a toy at the Ardmore Wal-mart. Please share this post and help “Santa” locate this young ladies’ parents so that it can be delivered in time for Christmas! THANKS!”

The post was shared more than 500 times.

“She may have placed the note not knowing Santa was watching, and that he would respond accordingly,” Agers told KTEN.

Eventually, Alssya was found and her mom, April Wood, said they’ve had several people offer to buy the gift.

“It was about 270 people were trying to find me to think about, you know, talk about how amazing Alyssa was for getting her hopes up and hoping that Santa is going to find this note for her,” said April Wood.

Her father, John Wood, said while the decision is ultimately up to Santa, there are other kids he’s hoping people will give to.

“I ask you all to pay the kindness forward to the children’s shelter or other area group instead of sending them to my daughter. I have spoken with my daughter and let her know she is adorable and sweet, but since she has family to care for her, this action could deter others away from providing to those less fortunate children that really do need help,” he said.

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