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One teen dead, another in critical condition after accident on I-240

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Friends of a metro teen killed early Wednesday morning say they woke up to a new reality.

“I came out here to picture how it happened because when you look at the news, you really can't believe it's happening,” said Jaycee Kennedy. “So, we just wanted to like picture, just understand that it really did happen.”

Kennedy’s friend, 16-year-old Courtney Snodgrass, was killed after a car she was riding in crashed at S. Eastern and I-240.

The car was driven by 18-year-old Ashley Robison, who was allegedly drunk.

Police say two other teens were in the car and the four were drinking at a motel before getting in the car.

Nathan Williams says he saw the teens before the crash.

“'We saw them at like, three hours before,” said Williams. “We'd seen them at the hotel. We stopped by to say whats up, and we were talking and they were doing their school work and everything seemed fine.”

While driving along Eastern, police say Robison lost control of the car.

“While the vehicle was rolling, two people that were inside that car, there were three passengers and a driver,” said Officer Megan Morgan with Oklahoma City Police. “Two of those passengers were ejected and actually landed on I-240 and were struck by one, possibly two vehicles.”

Snodgrass was pronounced dead at the scene and another teen is in critical condition.

Robison and the fourth passenger were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Police say Robison was also arrested for a DUI charge and a second-degree murder charge.

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