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Anonymous donor drops $10k in Salvation Army kettle

PORTLAND, Ore. – Staff at The Salvation Army in north Portland got a big surprise Wednesday night!

They found “not just one $100 bill, but one-hundred $100 bills, totaling a whopping $10,000 in one kettle.”

“At first, we thought it was maybe three- or four-thousand dollars,” said Marcos Marquez with the Salvation Army. “But it just kept going and going.”

The donation is believed to be the largest cash donation in a single kettle in the Portland area.

Marquez told The Oregonian that before the large donation, the non-profit may not have reached their goal.

“We were behind,” Marquez said. “Now, we’re looking like we might exceed what we brought in last year.”

“To the anonymous donor, thank you for your generous gift! For North Portland, $10,000 dollars will be doing a lot of good; providing services for those in most need all-year,” The Salvation Army Portland Metro said on their Twitter page.