Oklahoma man, woman arrested after allegedly shoplifting more than $18k in merchandise over past year

TULSA, Okla. – A man and woman were arrested on accusations they shoplifted more than $18,000 in merchandise over the past year.

Tuesday, officials say they pulled over 41-year-old Katina Scott and discovered she had outstanding warrants.

Scott then gave police permission to search her home. During the search, 31-year-old Matthew Donaho arrived in the same truck involved in shoplifting cases.

Scott and Donaho were arrested.

Fox 23 reports the duo reportedly stole from multiple retailers like TJ Maxx, Lowe’s and The Home Depot.

“They’ve stolen everything from jewelry to TVs to electronics,” said Adam Ashley with the Tulsa Police Department.

Police say the two worked together and believe one of them would act as a lookout while the other stole from the store.

There are more than 30 open charges between Scott and Donaho.