Sibling rivalry: Rose Bowl matchup puts Oklahoma twin sisters against each other

NORMAN, Okla. - From the very beginning, they were more like Siamese twins and almost inseparable.

“We are best friends, almost exactly alike. Same sports in high school, two peas in a pod," said Kiki Greene.

But, when 19-year-old twins Kiki and Caitlyn Greene graduated from Casady High School, they decided to pursue a path of independence.

“It's been really hard. We talk, text and FaceTime almost every day," Kiki said. "I cry every time we drop her off at the airport. It's really hard."

Kiki stayed with a family tradition and decided to pursue a degree at the University of Oklahoma. But, Caitlyn was a rebel or, in this case, a Bulldog.

“Go Dawgs," Caitlyn said.

The two football juggernauts have never played before, and it is something no one expected at the beginning of the season.

“My dad is looking at the rankings, and he's like this may actually happen. It was crazy to see it come to life," Kiki said.

The Sooners and Bulldogs are competing in the Rose Bowl for a chance at the national title. The whole family bleeds crimson, except for Caitlyn.

“I've gotten a lot of hate from the family lately," Caitlyn said.

Trash talking?

"A lot. You should see our family group text. They love to send little puppy bulldogs and say we aren't intimidating at all," Caitlyn said.

OU is the higher seed and a slight favorite to win on New Year's Day. Caitlyn is diplomatic.

“Sooner born, Sooner bred," she said. "It'll be hard. I'll have to get over it for a little bit."

They're rivals for a month but family forever.

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