Woman robbed while on the phone with 911

MIDWEST CITY, Okla. - Officers say a woman driving home Saturday was hit from behind, followed and then robbed, all while she was on the phone with 911.

"The victim informed us that as she was arriving at her apartment complex at a major four-way intersection, someone bumped her. She pulled into the complex and he followed her, at that time she called 911," said Detective Matt Archer of the Midwest City Police Department.

Police say the man approached her and they argued about who was at fault for the accident. He also offered his driver's license information.

However, things took a quick turn.

"He just robbed me. He just robbed me. He took my purse. He took my purse," the victim says on the 911 call.

The man then got back in his car and left the apartment complex before police arrived.

The woman was able to give a description of the car to 911.

"It was a white car. I don't know. He just robbed me," she said.

Police did find her empty purse in the street close to the complex.

Midwest City Police say they don't recall another case where the victim was robbed while on the phone.