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47-point “non-typical” buck found in southeast Oklahoma

Warning: Some viewers may find the photos in the Facebook post to be disturbing. 

OKLAHOMA – Two sportsmen came across quite the find in southeast Oklahoma!

Josh Hughes and Drake Fletcher found a rare buck dead and hanging in the fence near their hunting property.

They took the buck, nicknamed the Hughes-Fletcher Buck, to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

“This unique specimen of a whitetail carries an impressive 47 points, with a spread of over 20 inches, and a green gross score of 269 3/8 inches,” read a post on the Oklahoma Game Wardens Facebook page.

The current Oklahoma State Record Non-Typical Whitetail has a score of 248 inches.

The buck was aged at approximately 6.5 years of age.

Within the next few months, the buck will eventually be mounted and on display.