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“He did not get justice today,” Oklahoma man receives 4-year sentence in death of toddler

MEAD, Okla. – An Oklahoma man found guilty in the death of a toddler was sentenced to four years in prison.

However, 19-month-old Kayson’s family says, four years is not enough.

“Kayson’s memory will always be with me but he did not get justice today,” said Tara Black, Kayson’s mom. “Four years is not enough time for him to see how much pain and misery he’s caused this family.”

Back in 2015, police say Steven Matlock hotwired an ATV which caused it to jump, pinning Kayson between the ATV and another car. Black was standing next to Kayson when the incident happened.

Kayson was taken to the hospital where he later died.

In November, Matlock was found guilty of manslaughter in Kayson’s death.

“When this happened and Steven Matlock took his life, my world got crushed,” said Black. “I’ll never be able to look my son in his eyes and listen to his little heartbeat and listen to his little laugh. I’ll never get that back.”

Court documents obtained by KXII say Matlock, who was Black’s neighbor, was under the influence of meth at the time.

A jury recommended four years in prison, and earlier this week, a judge agreed.

Matlock is eligible for parole in less than three and a half years, according to KXII.