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Suspicious postcard entices you with “unclaimed reward”

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OKLAHOMA CITY - There is a suspicious postcard popping up in mailboxes across the metro, and it’s targeting those who are hard-up and desperate.

It’s marked "final notice" and wants you think an “unclaimed reward” is waiting just for you.

Roberta Busby called the number given on the card and eventually gave out her debit card.

She said, at the time, a dark cloud of depression was hanging over her.

That and the bogus promise of free Christmas money to use at Walmart or Target enticed her to make the call.

She was told, in order to get her free card, she'd have to answer a series of yes or no questions and pay a small "shipping and processing fee."

Don’t be fooled.

This is likely just a ploy to enroll you in some sort of membership club.

We dialed up the number and got one of the suspicious callers on the phone.

He claims there is no hidden agenda here.

“You're not buying anything,” he said. “The reason why you are getting this gift is because you have been going shopping with Walmart and Target.”

Busby checked her bank statement.

Not only did they charge her account, but she gave the caller access to her bank account.

  • If you receive one of the postcards, find a trash can and toss it immediately.
  • For starters, there is no return address or website.
  • We've instructed Busby to contact her bank and ask them about flagging her account.
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