DHS worker says 12-year-old needs a family she can count on

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Jessie is 12 years old and her child welfare specialist says she is kind to anyone she meets.

One of her favorite people could be her caseworker, Brandi Green Howard. She has been with Jessie since she went into DHS custody three years ago.

“She's a really great kid. I just love her. She's one of my favorites,” Howard, a child welfare specialist with DHS, said.

Her caseworker says Jessie is easygoing and affectionate.

"Jessie is really, really sweet. Basically, when she gets to know you, she likes to give you hugs,”  Howard said.

She says Jessie would do best with a family who can care for her special needs.

"The best family for Jessie would be a couple. Somebody that spends time at home or has a lot of time to spend with Jessie,” she said.

Jessie enjoys cheerleading, basketball and loves to draw.

"She likes to color and she loves baby dolls. Those are her two favorite, baby dolls and coloring," she said.

Howard says that Jessie would also love to have an older brother or sister.

"She likes to look up to older siblings. She really will attach to them and mimic the older kids," Howard said.

For Jessie, she would just love a family she can count on.

"She deserves a family. She's a great kid, and I think if she gets in a home, she will just blossom," said Howard.

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