International jewel thieves target Norman business

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NORMAN, Okla. - A small staff and busy holiday rush: that's the method for international jewel thieves, who recently targeted Crown Jewelers in Norman.

According to investigators, six women came in to Crown Jewelers. Several pretended to be legitimate customers, while another crawled into the back room, emptied a ring case and many other trays from the safe.

Police call them "Kangaroo crooks."

"They have a pouch underneath the skirt or long blouse. It allows them to quickly push them into the pouch or bag and cover it up. So, when they exit the store, they have nothing in their hands and a little less suspicious," said Sarah Jensen with the Norman Police Department.

The owner is still checking inventory, but initial estimates put losses at $150,000.

"After they left, I was just going back to get some other stuff and I'm seeing everything is missing," Osi Parekh told dispatchers.

Police believe they are professionals, gypsies from eastern Europe who crisscross the country looking for similar, easy targets.

"Those pictures helped us connect this case to others in other jurisdictions. It's helping investigators piece together the puzzle. Hopefully, we can identify these people and have a bigger case," Jensen told News 4.

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