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Students call for Kirk Humphreys to step down as regent

OKLAHOMA CITY - OU students, alumni, members and friends of the LGBTQ community spoke at the OU Board of Regents meeting Tuesday in Oklahoma City.

Protesters called for Regent Kirk Humphreys' resignation after his comments concerning homosexuality.

Thunder Owner and Regent Chair Clay Bennett conducted the normal Board of Regents business as protesters attended the meeting.

Kirk Humphreys was out of the country and not able to attend.

The matter of Humphreys' comments were not on the agenda, so it was not specifically discussed.

President Boren attended the meeting and reaffirmed the regents' statement from Monday.

"We have very worked hard to create a community at the University of Oklahoma where people respect each other, people are civil to each other. We remain firmly committed to that kind of community and no one person or person's comments can change our commitment to the kind of community we've built at the University."

President Boren and other regents did say the decision is ultimately up to Humphreys whether to resign or not.

Regent is a position appointed by the governor.

The OU President and other regents do not have the power to force a removal.