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DA: Sexual assault charges against OU football player will not be pursued

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NORMAN, Okla. - OU running back Rodney Anderson will not be charged on allegations of rape.

The Cleveland County District Attorney's Office made the announcement Thursday afternoon.

Anderson was accused of sexual assault.

According to court documents, it happened when Anderson met a woman at a bar back in November.

"They went to another bar and continued to have drinks. Documents show she consumed numerous shots and was intoxicated. Anderson gave her a ride home, and they both went inside where they began to kiss, and she went into the bathroom and she vomited," said Susan Caswell, first assistant to District Attorney Greg Mashburn.

Caswell said the accuser's friends told investigators a different story.

"[She] had called her from the bathroom, and she said she was very excited that Mr. Anderson was at her house. She said that she had vomited but intended to brush her teeth and go back and kiss him some more," Caswell said.

The district attorney's office said, after the alleged sexually activity, the two exchanged numbers and began to text.

The alleged victim continued to talk about her time with Anderson to friends, in which her friends then took the text messages to police.

"That she then began to brag about the relationship that she was having with him, and even indicating to them that she had had sexual intercourse with him," Caswell said.

Mashburn said he wants people to focus on the facts in this case and the evidence couldn't prove assault.

But, he said this doesn't mean the victim made it all up.

"We cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she lied," Mashburn said.

Mashburn said the alleged victim will not be charged for filing a fake police report.

"She may very well believe that this incident went further than what she wanted it to go and that's not a lie," he said.

Anderson's attorney, Derek Chance, sent a statement saying:

"We appreciate the comprehensive investigation by the Norman Police Department and the district attorney's thorough consideration of the evidence. The investigation reveals what we have maintained, Mr. Anderson is innocent of these allegations. Mr. Anderson and his family are very much looking forward to a final resolution so that they can put this matter behind them and Mr. Anderson can focus on his obligations as a student-athlete."

Mashburn said he is not aware of Anderson pressing charges against the accuser.

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