Oklahoma family loses everything after house fire

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PICKETT, Okla. – All that is left of the Gould’s home in Pickett is the concrete slab.

On Thursday evening, Jimmy Gould rushed home after finding out that his house was on fire.

He says his son, 9-year-old Jamie, accidentally started the fire while playing with a lighter.

“He stayed in the fire, almost too long, he tried to put out what he started,” Gould told KXII.

His other son, 19-year-old Colton, also tried to put out the fire.

“I almost had it, and I had down to about the size of a softball, and I had an asthma attack and I had to get out,” Colton said.

In addition to all of their belongings, the family’s dog perished in the blaze.

“I keep saying they’re just stupid little things, it’s all stupid little things–my family made it out–but those stupid little things were pretty important,” Heather Gould said.

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