Police search for murder suspect after shooting in northwest Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY - Police are searching for a murder suspect.

"Police received a call of a shooting right here on Northwest 10th Street," said Msgt. Gary Knight.

It was just before noon when gunshots rang out near a convenience store on the city's northwest side.

"As soon as I heard the shots, I seen some guy running across the street into that field," said Aldin Lewis.

Lewis sprinted into action when he heard the shots.

"He turned around and fired three more shots at the store, and I ran down here to make sure, see if everybody was alright," Lewis said.

But, everyone wasn't alright. One person was dead.

"I ran out outside to check his pulse and see if he was breathing, but he already passed away at that point," Lewis said.

Now, the scene is blocked off with crime scene tape, covered with evidence markers and sniffed over by a K-9 while investigators try to piece together a motive and suspect.

"One person deceased from a shooting. Suspect is still at large," Knight said.

The suspect description at this point is very vague.

Hours after the scene was cleared, the K-9 unit and officers canvassed the area for more evidence.