Safe drivers surprised after Oklahoma deputies give out gift certificates during traffic stops – not tickets

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TUPELO, Okla. – Safe drivers in southeastern Oklahoma got a big surprise Wednesday when instead of getting a ticket during a traffic stop, they got a gift certificate!

“We’re giving safe driving awards [and] gift certificates,” said Sheriff Bryan Jump.

“Well, what a deal,” said one driver.

Jump told KXII that his deputies and OHP troopers have conducted the safety traffic stops for the past four years.

“Instead of looking for the bad guys, we’re writing tickets,” he said. “One day a year, we’re going to look for the good guys and give them an award.”

Around 80 safe drivers received gift certificates to businesses in Coal County.

“The ones who got their driver’s license, wearing their seat belts, having the insurance and their tags all up to date, [got the award],” Jump said.

Drivers were thankful for the kind gesture.

“It feels awesome and I’m proud of Coal County for doing it,” said driver Amy Deaton. “People need it. [It] re-insures their driving and [I] just thank, the Coal County [deputies] for doing it,” Deaton said.