Spam phone calls keep flooding cell phones

OKLAHOMA CITY - Clarke Harris can't seem to shake the harassing phone calls.

He keeps sending them straight to voicemail.

The message goes, “You will be taken under custody by the local cops.”

The In Your Corner bottom line is these aren't lawful companies playing by the rules.

Since many of them are using auto-dialers, the shady telemarketers and scam artists can keep calling and calling.

“It's probably taken up 30-45 minutes a week of my time,” Clarke said. “Again, I don't answer them, where as some people, like my neighbors, they did.”

Another scheme to watch out for right now the "Can you hear me okay?" scam.

You know the one, where someone records you and then edits your "Yes" response to make it sound like you authorized a purchase.  

When you try fight the charges they play back your bogus "Yes" response and threaten to sue you or press charges.

“There are so many people, like my neighbors, who get these calls on a regular basis and older people continue to fall for scams like this unfortunately,” Clarke said.

Right in the middle of our interview with Clarke we were interrupted by another one of those annoying robocalls. 

Do like Clarke.

If you don't recognize a number send ‘em straight to voicemail.

If it's important, they'll leave a message.

There are also apps that help you block robocalls, like Nomorobo and Hiya.