Police found sentimental classic camper stolen from Oklahoma City family

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Police say a camper that was stolen from an Oklahoma City family has been recovered.

Earlier this week, the Soraya family opened up to News 4 about their sentimental camper that was stolen during the holiday break.

The Soraya family manages and renovate apartments, and their office is located in a warehouse in an industrial area just east of Chesapeake Energy.

During the holiday break, they say someone stole materials, tools, supplies and three work trailers that were valued at close to $100,000.

In addition to stealing from the business, the family says the thieves made off with their personal travel trailer.

"It was very, very important and special to us. All our family vacations take place in that trailer because we always go with our dogs," said Casey Soraya.

Despite spending thousands of dollars on the other items, they say the camper holds a special place in their hearts.

"We had one of our dogs die unexpectedly two years ago. Our memories traveling and camping with him in that camper are really, really special to us, so it just kinda added insult to injury that that personal camper was taken.  For us, those are our personal memories and that is all we have left from our dogs because we don’t have kids, the dogs are pretty special," Soraya said.

The Sorayas even offered up a $1,000 reward for anyone who could help them find the stolen trailer.

"When you employ a certain number of people, many of them who have been inside here, it's hard to tell if it's someone who has worked for us in the past of just some random person that decided to take our things. But from the way they broke in through the outside door, sort of looks as if someone had been here before," Soraya said.

The Soraya family says their sentimental classic camper was stolen

Thursday morning, police said they believe they may have found the stolen trailer near Meridian and Reno.

The Sorayas arrived on scene and were able to confirm the trailer is their's.

They told News 4 that the trailer was stripped, but they are glad to have it back.

Officials say the man who spotted the stolen trailer and reported it to police is a homeless man.

When the owners gave him the $1,000 reward, he broke down in tears, saying he had no idea there was a reward.

He told the owner that he has hit hard time and says the reward is the best holiday blessing he could ask for.

At this time, no suspects have been located.

The Soraya family say their stolen trailer has been recovered

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