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UPDATE: Families working to get promised storm shelter rebates

UPDATE 1/12/18: Eric London finally has his rebate check in hand.  

“I felt like this expedited it greatly,” he said. “Thanks for getting this weight off my shoulders, off my family's shoulders.”

Remember, Eric's rebate through the "Sooner Safe" Rebate Program was delayed and he was worried it might not come. 

We alerted the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management and they apologized for the delay and assured us a check was on the way.

The state delivered, reimbursing Eric 75 percent of the total cost of his storm shelter.  

Everyone is safe and Eric can let that worry go.

The avid runner is about to get up and go to Baton Rouge to compete in the Louisiana Marathon.

“Hopefully 6:44, 6:45 pace,” he said. “Hopefully [I] get under 3 hours and qualify for the Boston Marathon in a year.”

He’s got a new mustache for good luck and one less distraction on his plate.

He said, “Now I don't have to think about that while I'm running."

The Louisiana Marathon is Sunday and you can track Eric on the race course by downloading this free race app.

STILLWATER, Okla. - Eric London says he's curious about a storm shelter rebate check he was promised. The FEMA-backed cash has been delayed for weeks.

London spent $2,000 up front to cover the cost of the storm shelter and installation.

The dad of two is making sure his family has somewhere to go during a tornado.

“Seeing the satisfaction for my wife that she feels safe and the kids feel safe,” he said.

London's owed a rebate through the state's Sooner Safe Rebate Program, which helps pay for storm shelters. However, there's no sign of London's check.

Keli Cain, with the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management, tells the In Your Corner team that processing rebates has become more complicated over the years, plus this time around there was an unforeseen delay with the agency's finance department.

“We had the end of the fiscal year [and] we were starting a brand new grant,” she said. “We had several things going on, in addition due to the holidays and the end of the calendar year.”

Cain assures News 4 that London's check should be in the mail within the week.

“We've been able to expedite it, so it will, it's actually already gone into our computer program," she said.

That’s helping ease this dad's worry.

“I'm fortunate enough to have a savings; I was able to pay for this,” he said.

Cain says they're working to get the grant money processed as quickly as possible. She says Sooner Safe is a reimbursement program, and delays can happen.

You can register for the Sooner Safe program here.