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Oklahoma’s space museum raising money to fund expansion

WEATHERFORD, Okla. – A popular museum that allows Oklahomans to explore  the stars announced that it is expanding.

The Stafford Air & Space Museum announced plans to kick-off a major fundraising campaign to expand the museum by over 18,000 feet. In all, the museum will take up nearly 60,000 square feet when the expansion is complete.

The “Legacy Campaign” hopes to raise about $3 million to complete the renovations in time to host the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 10 in May of 2019. So far, $1.4 million has already been pledged.

Organizers say the funds will be used to upgrade the museum with various immersive, interactive and hi-tech exhibits about aerospace history.

“When humans first left the safety of the Earth to venture into the skies and the moon beyond, these were two of mankind’s greatest achievements. We must keep that spirit of exploration alive in this country, and to remind current and future generations what this nation can accomplish when it puts its collective hearts and minds to a common goal,” said Max Ary, the museum’s executive director.