Waitress claims coworker owes her half of $300,000 lottery win

STUTTGART, Ark. – It isn’t uncommon for Leslie Underwood and Mandy Vanhouten to split their tips at Sportsman Drive-In in Arkansas.

Underwood says the pair have been best friends for nearly a decade and work the same shift at the restaurant.

“I helped her get the job, put in a good word, stuck my neck out for her, let her stay with me so she didn’t have to drive back and forth,” Underwood said.

So when their boss bought a roll of scratch-off lottery tickets and told them to split the winnings, Underwood didn’t think it would a problem.

“He told us whatever we won, it would be split between us for our Christmas bonus,” Underwood told KARK.

As they scratched off the tickets, Vanhouten scratched off a $300,000 instant winner.

“We talked about how life changing it would be and what we were going to do with this money,” Underwood said. “She even talked about giving back since it was such a blessing.”

Underwood says the plan was for both of them to claim the money in the new year. However, that plan quickly changed.

“She decided to take it and run,” Underwood said.

The mother of five says she was shocked to see Vanhouten’s picture with the $300,000 check.

“I think that’s what hurt me the most is as much as I’ve done, she could have done right for once,” she said.

Vanhouten didn’t return to work, leaving other waitresses to cover her shift.

KARK attempted to contact Vanhouten but did not hear back.