Oklahoma educator plans to lobby for education at Rose Bowl

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GUYMON, Okla. - California bound, an Oklahoma educator is on a mission.

Melissa Watson is a principal at Guymon Public schools and shes headed to the Rose Bowl with a sign she made.

It says, "Oklahoma: first in football, last in education."

"It's in the back of the car, rolled up and ready to go," she said during a travel break in Arizona.

"I feel like it really does state two things about Oklahoma: that we should be number one in football after the end of the season when they win the national championship, but also that we are last in teacher pay, which is a huge issue for me because it affects every single person that I work with," said Watson.

She says posted the sign on Facebook and she got more reaction than she ever expected. She says most people have positive things to say about the sign, which she hopes will be seen on TV.

"We are not going to be able to take it into the Rose Bowl because banners are prohibited," said Watson. "But our plan is to hit ESPN Game Day which will be at the Rose Bowl prior to going to the Rose Parade."

She hopes with if teachers get paid more, they will decide to stay in Oklahoma.