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“We knew it was poison,” Oklahoma community on edge after dog poisoned in own yard

COALGATE, Okla. – For months, residents in one Oklahoma community were on edge following reports of family pets being poisoned in their own back yards.

In August, 14 families in Coalgate reported to police that their dogs had been poisoned.

“From what I understand they are doing is, they are stuffing the poison down into treats so, obviously, the dogs don’t have a chance,” Clayton Griffith said after his 4-month-old pit bull died.

Following the news of the deaths, police say that the attacks stopped.

However, Wanda Ryzeck tells KXII that she believes the culprit is back at it again.

“When it stopped, we kind of had a sigh of relief and thought, ‘OK, it’s over.’ But when we found Midori, we knew it started again,” Ryzeck said.

On Dec. 13, Ryzeck and her daughter woke up to their three other dogs barking outside.

When they went outside, they found their 3-year-old Great Dane, Midori, foaming at the mouth.

“When we got her into the house and set her down on the ground is when her bodily functions let go and she just bled and so we knew it was poison, and then she started seizing,” Ryzeck said.

After reporting Midori’s death to the police, officers told Ryzeck that her death was the first in months. Now, pet owners say they are afraid again.

“I hope the police catch you because if I do, there’s not going to be much left of you,” Elizabeth McCoy, Ryzeck’s daughter, said.

The person responsible could face several years in prison for the crimes.