Caleb Kelly’s mother trying to make Sooner fans feel at home in California

PASADENA, Calif. - The Rose Bowl has a special meaning for one Oklahoma Sooner, since it is his first time playing in front of a hometown crowd during his college career.

Caleb Kelly grew up in Fresno, California, which is a little over three hours away from where his team will attempt to win their way into the national championship game.

"It's awesome. I came as a fan, as a recruit, and now I get to be here as a player and be in there," Kelly said. "And it's funny because it's happened all year playing in Dallas Cowboy Stadium, I went there when I was in 8th grade, just going all around really to these places that you see on TV and now you're on TV doing it, it's crazy."

Although many players' families are able to attend a few games throughout the season, Kelly says his whole family hasn't been able to watch him play in person since high school.

Valerie Kelly, Caleb's mother, made the trip with about 40 other loved ones to see her son play in the Rose Bowl.

Kelly tells KFOR that she is trying to make Sooner fans feel welcome in the Golden State.

"I love that they're all here because when you go to Oklahoma, it's home. Even though you're not home, you feel like you're at home. So when everybody's here, it's like they're in your hometown and you want to make them feel at home too. So you're walking down the streets, screaming 'Boomer Sooner,' cheering with everybody," Valerie Kelly said. "It's so cool that they're here in our state."