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Different playing styles, strengths clash in the Rose Bowl

PASADENA, Calif. - The matchup between the Oklahoma Sooners' high-powered offense against Georgia's stifling defense is bound to be a classic.

It is the first time the two programs are meeting, and it couldn't come with higher stakes. The winner on Jan. 1 will head to the national championship.

The fascinating matchup features two teams from different conferences with different playing styles and strengths.

However, the coaches are hoping that past games will help their teams prepare for the Rose Bowl.

"I think the good thing for us defensively is at least from our offense they see a little bit of both. Not that it's not exactly like Georgia. It's not. I think that's helped us defensively, giving us a good head start on it. Used to seeing some of the run game, the physicality, and we're hoping that that carries over," said OU head coach Lincoln Riley.

"The two conferences are not as far apart as maybe you make them to be. I think when you watch both conferences, the SEC has slowly morphed closer in more spread elements. Oklahoma runs the ball, they run the ball and they're physical at running the ball. So do a lot of teams in our conference. They throw the ball really well. They spread you out and make you defend all areas of the field. I think all offenses are trying to do that now," said Georgia head coach Kirby Smart.

Kickoff is set for 4 p.m. on Monday.