Mariah Carey’s NYE hot tea is the first meme of 2018

NEW YORK–Mariah Carey does not need your redemption talk.

But admittedly, her New Year’s Eve performance Sunday was infinitely better than the lip-synching disaster of 2016, and it was just weird enough to provide us with our very first meme of 2018.

However, it is when Mariah paused between songs to ask for some hot tea that has sparked a whole new internet sensation.

“They told me there would be tea,” she said, looking perplexed. Despite the bitter cold of the evening, there was not.

“Oh, it’s a disaster. Okay, well, we’ll just have to rough it. I’m going to be like everybody else, with no hot tea.”

The word iconic gets thrown around a lot, but really. Hot tea. The most blasé “disaster” ever uttered. Being like EVERYBODY ELSE.


As if the start of the new year couldn’t get more auspicious, Mariah later posted a picture of herself enjoying said tea, providing the world with the glamorous inaugural meme of 2018.