Sooner fans get a local taste of the Rose Bowl experience

NORMAN -- After weeks of waiting the Rose Bowl, game is finally underway!
The Sooners taking on the Georgia Bulldogs right now in sunny California. On the line? A chance to play for the national championship.

However, not everyone could make it to California to watch the team.  Fans are rooting them on from here at home.

"We got some fun activities starting here in the next 30 minutes or so," said Doug Kennon, owner of Sooner Legends.

Sooner Legends in Norman hosted a watch party like no other providing a place for a loyal crowd to root for their team.

Many fans weren't able to make the trip to Pasadena to watch the Rose Bowl. Therefore, the Rose Bowl came Norman.

"We just want to have a good time and have everybody out,” said Kennon

Doug Kennon is the Owner of Sooner Legends. He typically makes every bowl game but this year he'll be rooting on the crimson and cream from Norman with some folks that will quickly go from fans to family.

"It's deeper than life and thicker than blood," Kennon said.

With the chance to play for a national title on the line fans said this Rose Bowl is more than just a game.   It was excitement that filled the room as fans from all walks of life came together hoping for the best.

"We`re all O.U. fans, we`re all family, said" Jamey Williamson.

Regardless of the Rose Bowl outcome, some sooner fans said the team will always be winners in their books. However, as the crowd of fans anxiously watched some couldn't help but feel quite confident.

"Everybody picking Georgia I think is going to play into our hands, and I think we`re going to come out on top,” said fan Jonathan Morgan. “They are going to pull it off just because everybody is doubting them,” Morgan said.

Sooner Legends remained open for fans till Midnight.