Who will win? OU’s high-powered offense against Georgia’s staunch defense

PASADENA, Calif. – In recent days, the University of Oklahoma has come under scrutiny for being the most lopsided team in the College Football Playoffs.

This season, Georgia, Clemson and Alabama all ranked among the most efficient teams in offense and defense.

On the other hand, the Oklahoma Sooners have the most efficient offense in the country, but their defense ranked 59th in efficiency.

OU defensive coordinator Mike Stoops says the defense hit a lull in the middle of the season, but he believes they will show up against the Bulldogs.

“Maybe towards the middle part of the year we got a little lapse in who we are and didn’t do a lot of the little things that you need to do to play at this level that we’re expected to play at. That was, I think, disheartening to all of us. That’s not our style here at Oklahoma to rely on our offense and do our part defensively, and that really hurts, I think, our pride,” Stoops said. “We’re fully capable of playing at a very high level. There are some unique challenges in our league that didn’t present itself throughout other leagues, but still it got down to our disciplines. Not being complacent. Complacency will ruin your team.”

Now, Baker Mayfield and company will go against Georgia’s powerful and stingy defense.

“Very, very physical team and they can move. They’ve got some fast guys on that defense, especially the linebacker, #3, he’s a great player. Always finds a way to the ball and he’s just really smart,” said Erick Wren.

OU running back Rodney Anderson says he believes Georgia has the best defense they have faced this season.

“They are big and physical. They like to stop the run. I feel like they are going to be challenged with our passing game. I mean, it’s not like their pass defense is bad either. They are an all-around good defense and I’m excited for the challenge,” Anderson said.

“They don’t have many weaknesses and so it’s going to be a great contest,” Anderson added.

OU quarterback Baker Mayfield says that he’s noticed how the defense plays as a complete unit and puts an end to SEC offenses.

“They’re very good. I mean, it just stands out to you on film. They’ve got playmakers. They play well as a unit. I think just how they call plays, they disguise their blitzes and their coverages very well. But they just have guys that pop out on film,” Mayfield said.

OU fullback Dimitri Flowers says that although they haven’t faced a defense like Georgia before, they are ready for the challenge.

“We’re excited to go out there and see what we can do against one of the best defenses in the nation,” Flowers said.