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10-year Luther police veteran terminated following closed door hearing

LUTHER, Okla.-   Sgt. Michael  Oliver was officially let go from the Luther Police Department on Wednesday after an appeal board voted unanimously to uphold the termination presented by the Luther Police Department.

Oliver, who had been with the department for 10 years, was first put on administrative leave in November with intent to terminate.

Wednesday's meeting at Town Hall was initially supposed to be public but Oliver waived that right at the meeting.  After nearly two hours  behind closed doors, the appeals board had a decision.  However, the board never gave an official statement as to exactly why the well-respected officer was let go.

“They said I failed to follow orders, which in my 11 years I have never failed to follow an order and that was the main thing, because with insubordination you don't have to be wrote up for it. It's immediate grounds for dismissal. The rest of the stuff was just petty, anywhere from saying I stole stuff from, making copies of keys and stuff like that, and I'm like c'mon. It's sad that I've been out here for 10 years and everyone that I work with, that I trusted, stuff like that, is going to go against me," Oliver said.

"I never take any pride and joy in letting anybody go but we are supposed to be held to a higher standard than that. And from what I heard from towns' people that he was a liked officer here in Luther, but again, there are some things that you cannot overlook. Nobody is above the law," Chief David Randall, with the Luther Police Department, said.

After the meeting, News 4 obtained a copy of Oliver's termination letter. It cites insubordination and violations of the department's social media code.

Oliver released a written statement of his own to News 4 saying, "I feel sorry for the citizens of Luther for having to deal with the police force they have now and the leaders of that town. If they can do this to somebody who has been there ten years and only wanted the best for the community, then whose to say they won't do it to somebody else."