Kirk Humphreys officially resigns from OU Board of Regents

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OKLAHOMA CITY – The former Oklahoma City mayor has officially resigned from the University of Oklahoma Board of Regents following his controversial comments on homosexuality made on an episode of FlashPoint.

Last month, Kirk Humphreys announced that he was resigning from the OU Board of Regents following backlash over comments he made earlier this month.

“Even though this Board can’t remove me, I did not want my presence on the board to be a problem to the regents or to make the path of the university more difficult,” Humphreys said during a special meeting with the board.

During a discussion of sexual harassment in Congress on the episode of Flash Point, Humphreys voiced his opinion regarding whether homosexuality is “right or wrong.” Some who watched say at one point, he seemed to link homosexuality to pedophilia, an opinion KFOR does not endorse.

Humphreys joined Freedom Oklahoma to apologize in greater detail.

He said in part, “Let me be clear, I do not think that homosexuality in any way disqualifies a person from full participation as a citizen in our community including service in public office. At no point in my public or private life have I sought to take any action that precludes or otherwise diminishes the opportunity for every person to be treated as equals.”

In a previous apology, Humphreys, in part, said “For clarification, my moral stance about homosexuality is that it is against the teachings of scripture.”

“I have got to say thank you to Regent Humphreys. He was the only one who could make this decision, and he made the right one. Thank you to the board of regents for taking this action so swiftly and making sure we got to a resolution,” said Troy Stevenson, executive director of Freedom Oklahoma. “I think that what we saw today was the way things should be done rather than having pitch forks and fights in the streets. We had people coming together to make adult decisions and to set an example for the next generation of Oklahoma.”


On Wednesday, Humphreys officially submitted his resignation to Gov. Mary Fallin.

"Serving on the Regents has been a privilege for which I will forever be grateful. Thank you for appointing me and allowing me to serve the people of Oklahoma in this way over these past six years," Humphreys stated in his resignation letter.

Humphreys also agreed to cancel the forum that was scheduled to be held on the OU campus on Jan. 18.

"We have discussed the matter and mutually come to the decision to cancel the forum. We agree that, with my resignation, it is in the best interest of the University, the students and the Board of Regents to focus on the presidential search process and the future of the University," Humphreys said.