Oklahoma City Zoo animals keep warm despite the frigid temperatures

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OKLAHOMA CITY – If you’ve been outside over the last couple of days, you know the bitter wind and cold temperatures can take their toll.

Officials warn that pet owners should bring their four-legged friends indoors to keep them out of the winter weather.

It’s a rule that even zookeepers abide for some of the state’s largest residents.

The Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Gardens says no matter what the weather is like, all species at the zoo are protected.

When inclement weather strikes the state, the animals are brought inside for enrichment activities.

To stay warm, the elephants spend time inside their heated barn, while lions can be seen lounging on heated rocks while they are outdoors.

If there are several days where the animals have to be kept inside, zookeepers may give them access to the outdoors for short periods of time.