Puppies abandoned in freezing temperatures in Stillwater

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STILLWATER, Okla. – For days, pet owners have been warned about the dangers of leaving their pets outside in the cold temperatures.

Now, authorities in Stillwater are searching for the person responsible for the deaths of three puppies.

According to KJRH, eight puppies were found abandoned in a container outside in the freezing temperatures. Sadly, three of those puppies died.

“Who thinks to put their puppies outside whenever it’s going to be 10 degrees?” said Savannah Kilby, an animal welfare officer in Stillwater.

Officials say the newborn puppies were abandoned and left to fend for themselves.

“There was a blanket in the tub, but it was wet and frozen,” she said.

Authorities say a woman looked out of her apartment and spotted the container on the ground. She decided to go outside and look to see what was in the container, but was shocked at what she found.

Already, two of the puppies were dead but she took the rest into her apartment and called for help.

Soon, the survivors will be ready for adoption.

Now, the Stillwater Humane Society is asking anyone with information about the person responsible for dumping the puppies to call authorities.

The person responsible could face charges for the crime.