“Shame on you,” Oklahoma mom says she’s been left in the cold by landlord

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Mom Jessica Commander said she’s been left in the cold by her landlord.

“We had a new thermostat put on that falls out of the wall,” she said.

Commander called Oklahoma’s News 4 after she said her heater has been broken for several months. And, over the past few days — with freezing temperatures — she’s desperate.

“Because of the oven, we have to turn the oven all the way up and open it just to get any kind of heat,” she told us.

Commander said, even though it’s dangerous, they crank up the oven for a little bit at a time just to keep their home warm enough.

A repair man for the property has worked on her heater, but she said it just breaks again. She claims she’s made more than 30 calls to the office.

“She has told me that she has put in work order, after work order, after work order, after work order in,” she said.

She called property management during our visit and was told she would have to go another night without heat because a “valve” had to be ordered.

“Oh, if they’re watching this story, shame on you, shame on you for sure,” Commander said in reference to management.

We also called the manager, who confirmed two work orders had been placed and a valve was ordered. We asked to stop by and talk to management but were turned down.

We also reached out to the Metropolitan Fair Housing Council of Oklahoma. They referred us to a code, which said, if a landlord doesn’t provide safe and working order of certain elements, such as heating and plumbing, they are in breach of the rental agreement.

If this is the case, tenants can terminate their lease upon written notice and even collect monetary damages.

You can read the code here.