Ways to survive the Oklahoma ‘cold-snap’

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – Record-breaking temperatures are being seen throughout the country and as the cold weather breaks into Oklahoma, here is a couple tips on how to survive it.

1. When setting the temperature at home or at work, keep it above 55 degrees at all times. 

2. Check all of the sinks, faucets or pipes (exterior and interior) for leaks or rust. Also make sure that the exterior water faucets are properly shut off to avoid freezing in the pipes. 

3. Make sure that you have enough fuel for your home and generator, if you have one (having a generator will save you in emergencies). If you have a fireplace, keep a supply of wood on-hand. 

4. Keep those back-up generators and portable grills outside and away from windows, doors and ventilation. 

5. Stock-up on non-perishable food items, medicines and warm clothing so that you don’t have to go outside. 

6. If you suspect that one of your pipes have frozen, immediately shut off your water source. 

7. During periods of intensely cold temperatures, open the cabinets that contain bathroom and kitchen pipes so that the warm air flows around them.

8. Re-salt outdoor walking paths after every thaw and freeze.

9. Be careful when conducting risky outdoor activities or obtain qualified professional assistance. Clearing out gutters, cleaning off roofs and removing ice can all be dangerous and may be better conducted by professionals. 

10. If you choose to shovel snow, make sure that you are fit enough to do so and proceed prudently – clear reasonable amounts with each pass and take proper breaks. Again, qualified professionals may be a better choice. 

Oklahoma City has seen numerous house fires during this dry winter season, along with those frozen pipes. These tips will not only help you feel comfortable during this frigidly cold season but, it will also keep you safe.