UPDATE: Family airs out grievances against portable storage unit

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A couple of weeks ago, we told you about the Barrett family from Mustang, whose personal belongings and keepsakes were ruined, they say, after something went wrong with the Cool Box storage container they rented to haul and store their stuff.

Initially, their insurance company said there wasn't much they could do for the family, but then things changed, starting with a phone call from their adjuster.

“He said, ‘I have really awesome news for you,’ and he told me [they] were able to cover our belongings,” mom Ashley said.

Liberty Mutual has decided to replace the family's ruined belongings after all.

Remember, Cool Box kept denying their damage claim and Liberty Mutual was saying they couldn't honor the Barrett's insurance policy, because the damage to the container didn't appear to be caused by a storm.

“The loop hole was because Cool Box refused to let us go out there and look at it with an adjuster, they could not prove that it was not caused by a storm created opening,” she said.

Since the adjuster can't do an inspection of the container, Liberty Mutual is honoring the Barrett's policy.

The family is still on the hook for the $500 deductible.

So far, Cool Box is only willing to refund the the Barrett's the money they paid to rent the container, about $320.

Things are moving in the right direction, though.

Ashley cashed the $1,700 insurance check and already used some of the money to replace their water damaged stools.

“Now, we're able to have our kids or our friends sit with us while we're cooking,” Ashley said. “We love to spend time in your kitchen.”

Liberty Mutual has also given her the green light to have their clothes and her silk wedding bouquet professionally cleaned.