Edmond sailor saves man’s life after icy conditions cause crash

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EDMOND, Okla. - Cristian Benton moved to Edmond with his family back in 2014.

After working several different jobs after high school, he realized his passion was to serve his country.

“I realized I wanted to do something more and bigger with my life, so I joined the United States Navy,” said Benton, Equipment Operator 3rd Class.

It's the extensive training he received in the Navy Benton said prepared him and his fellow sailor for a lifesaving moment.

'We noticed a mother and her two children had hydroplaned off to the side into a ditch," he said.

The Seabees were driving along an icy state highway to take a fuel truck up to Camp Shelby in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. They witnessed the crash and ran to check on the mom and kids. Thankfully, they were okay.

However, little did they know, their rescue efforts would continue throughout the day.

“Approximately ten or fifteen minutes later, we heard tires screeching on the road and we looked behind us,” said Benton.

An SUV went plunging into a creek. Benton said the SUV began filling with water.

He knew he had to act fast.

“There was a battery on the ground so I picked up the car battery, dunked it in the water and help break the window. We pulled him out, checked him out, put him back in our fuel truck and let him warm up and call his family,” said Benton.

With everyone safe, the convoy continued on to Hattiesburg. Benton said he's just thankful he was in the right place at the right time.

And if asked to do it all over again, he said, “No doubt in my heart that I would do it again to help save someone's life.”

Benton said thankfully, the mother and children, and the man in the other car, were all okay. He also said he's happy to make his family and country proud.

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