‘Fire and Fury,’ book in limited quantities on metro book shelves

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EDMOND - A book critical of President Trump may be hard to come by in the metro after the release date was moved up to Friday.

"We’ve probably had 20-30 calls today," said Sarah Harjo, with Best of Books in Edmond, of people trying to get their hands on a copy of "Fire and Fury" by Michael Wolff.

The book details the first nine months of the Trump White House. Its release -- even leading up to it -- has been met with controversy and denials from the administration.

Publisher Henry & Holt Company planned to release the book next Tuesday. But after Trump threatened legal action and demanded Holt withhold the book, the publisher moved up the release date to Friday citing "overwhelming demand."

"Starting yesterday, we started getting calls for it," said Harjo after the publisher's announcement. "So we thought this might be bigger than we think."

Harjo says less than a handful of books were originally ordered. But since excerpts began trickling out over the previous week, Harjo says she's been able to order just five more, with their wholesaler now listing more than 15,000 on back order.

"To have a book back ordered in the thousands is abnormal," she said, adding that the store also has a growing waiting list of people claiming books before they've even arrived.

"I think people are just curious. I think they’re just curious because of the media attention the book has gotten. They just want to see what all the buzz is about."

In an exclusive with the Today Show, Wolff said he "absolutely" spoke with Donald Trump as a part of the tell-all book.

"So you stand by everything in the book? Nothing made up?"  Wolff was asked Friday on the Today Show.

"Absolutely everything in the book."

"I have recordings, I have notes," said Wolff. "I am certainly and absolutely in every way comfortable with everything I have reported in this book."

Trump, the White House and others have pushed back on claims in the book, that aides question if the president is mentally fit for office, calling the book gossip. The book also claims former campaign and administration aide Steve Bannon said Donald Trump, Jr.'s meeting with Russians at Trump Tower in June 2016 was "treasonous."

"Again, there are numerous mistakes," said White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders during a press briefing Friday, "but I'm not going to waste my time or the country's time going page by page, talking about a book that's complete fantasy and full of tabloid gossip."

Bookstores News 4 reached out to Friday were either sold out (Best of Books) or weren't expecting shipments to arrive until next week: from big-box retailers like Barnes & Noble to small independent stores like Commonplace Books in Midtown.

"Anticipating there would be quite a bit of interest, but as we all know now, there was unprecedented demand and attention that’s been given this book," said owner Benjamin Nockles, echoing the same experience of getting phone calls Thursday night about the book's availability.

And Nockles says he understand the draw, even while withholding his own opinion about the book until he, too, can get his hands on it.

"The bantering back and forth, the inflammatory remarks and the enormous personalities that are in the mix, it just is like fuel to a fire."

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