Gross! Surveillance video shows serial pooper targeting more than just front lawns

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Homeowners in Arkansas are dealing with a stinky situation - someone is defecating in lawns and also wadding up used toilet paper under car door handles.

Surveillance video shows what appears to be an adult man jogging by, then dropping his pants, and leaving a nasty surprise right in the middle of Tiffany Mattzela's driveway.

"I came around to get in the passenger side of the vehicle, and I noticed a huge pile of feces," Mattzela said.

She first thought a dog was the owner of that pile, but after looking at footage from her security camera, she instead found a large man whose face was hidden under a hoodie.

At first, Mattzela thought maybe the jogger had an intestinal emergency.

But a few days later, when she tried to get inside her vehicle, Mattzela was met with an even more disgusting fecal surprise.

Her hand touched a used paper towel placed underneath her vehicle door handle, which surveillance video shows was placed there intentionally by the same man.

"I mean, it was vile," she told KARK.

Vile and illegal, and the Little Rock Police Department is now investigating.

Mattzela is one of many homeowners in Little Rock taking to social media and demanding that the serial pooper clean up his messes - and clean up his act.

"I hope they find him," Mattzela said. "And I hope he finds some help."

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