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Moore couple says they believe fire that destroyed home was intentionally set

MOORE, Okla. -- A Moore family is beginning a new chapter in their lives they didn't expect.

Bob and Irla Brady moved into a new apartment on Friday morning after their home on S.W. 13th St. was destroyed by a fire last Saturday. Brady told News 4 that he and his wife were visiting family in New Hampshire at the time of the blaze.

"There’s a lot of blessings in this and people don’t understand that, and that is one of them," he said. "I think had we been on our couch in our den, smoke, fire, flame, who knows what would have gotten us."

Chief Gary Bird, of the Moore Fire Department, confirmed to News 4 they're now investigating the incident as an arson. It's a joint effort between fire officials and Moore police.

"At this time, it has been determined the fire started on the exterior of the structure and the fire is currently under investigation. And there is the possibility that it may involve more than one minor at this time," explained Chief Bird.

According to Bird, the total loss is about $150,000.

Brady said they only expect to stay in their apartment for about six months. He and Irla are not sure what they'll do with their destroyed home, but there are options on the table.

"One, we go in and do a rehab build where they rebuild the damage inside," he said. "The other is it could be reduced to a foundation and built on the same property. We could move somewhere else if it’s in the cards."

They hope this never happens to anyone else and have a message to whoever is responsible.

"Know where your children are, know what they’re doing, know what they’re playing with. Instruct them in the dangers of gasoline and fire…that it’s a deadly fatal mix," Brady said.

Anyone with information on the fire is urged to contact authorities. Moore police can be reached at 405-793-5171.