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“It’s going to be hard,” Oklahoma couple starting over after fire takes their home

OKLAHOMA CITY - Krystal and Edward Merritt woke in the early morning hours of January 3 to a fire at the foot of their bed.

"I don't know if maybe I felt some heat or what it was," Krystal said. "But I woke up, and I saw fire at the end of the bed like down by my feet."

They were able to run out with the clothes on their backs.

"Social security cards, bank cards, everything is gone," Krystal told News 4 that day. "The whole place is like completely gutted. I can't believe it. I cannot believe this."

Krystal and her husband spent a couple nights at a motel with money they got from Red Cross.

They are now staying at City Rescue Mission, trying to conserve money while they search for another apartment.

"I mean I do have my life and I am blessed for that, I mean immensely," Krystal said. "But I'm just thinking at our age and just losing everything, you know, it's going to be hard. I know it's going to be hard."

Edward is disabled, and Krystal was laid off from her job at the beginning of December.

They did not have renters insurance, a tough lesson to now be learning.

"You never think something like that, you're never prepared and I wish that we had had that renters insurance because that's so important to have and, for the minimal amount of money that it actually is, it's well worth it," Krystal said.

Krystal and her husband have each other.

And, luckily, they have their vehicle. It was not damaged in the fire.

They plan to pick up the pieces of their life and start all over again.