Oklahoma woman wakes up to swastika on her trailer

OKLAHOMA CITY - A southside Oklahoma City woman was awoken in the middle of the night by an unknown person knocking on her door. The next morning, she found a swastika painted on her mobile home.

Anita lives alone in the trailer. At 1:30 a.m. on Sunday morning, her dog started barking and she heard strange noises outside her bedroom window.

"I heard this click click click, and I told my dog to hush cuz I didn’t know what it was so I brushed it off cuz the wind was blowing," she said.

A little later, she heard the knocking on her front door.

"Someone was beating on my door and I asked who it was and they would not answer, beating again, would not answer and I looked out the window and this guy was dressed in solid black and a black hoodie," she said.

The next morning, she woke up and went around back to see the swastika painted on the back of her trailer.

She called police. When an officer came by to investigate, she said "it look like a white supremacist sign is what he said."

Anita said she's not aware of any friends or affiliations that would be associated with a swastika.

"I’ve never had nobody put a sign like that on my trailer, never. It's too close for comfort," she said. "Makes me scared when something like that shows up, especially that close to your home."

Anita had her grandchildren staying with her over the weekend.

"I don’t think I’m going to have them over for a while," she said. "I’m not going to be able to cuz I’m going to sleep during the daytime and stay awake at night. I can’t put their lives at risk until I find out whats going on."

Anita said police plan to start paroling the area close to S.E. 59th and Eastern more often after gunshots were reported the night before, as well.