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1,667 pounds of pot seized in single bust on Oklahoma City highway

OKLAHOMA CITY - A routine traffic stop turned into a record for the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office - as 1,667 pounds of marijuana were seized from a single vehicle.

Saturday evening, a tractor trailer was pulled over on I-44 for traffic violations.

When the deputy approached, he noticed a strong smell of air fresheners. 

"When he went up to talk to the truck driver, he started realizing right away that there might be more to this than just a simple traffic stop," said Mark Opgrande of the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department. 

The driver of the truck, 33-year-old Jorge Reynoso, had multiple cell phones in the front seat.

The truck's logbook didn’t check out, so the deputy then detained Reynoso.

An Oklahoma City Police Department K9 unit was brought in and immediately registered a hit.

Opening the locked trailer, police found 43 boxes of bundles of marijuana, tipping the scales at close to 1,700 pounds.

The driver is from California, and officials are not sure on the load's final destination but it isn’t unusual to have large amounts of narcotics on the highways in Oklahoma.

"It's the crossroads of America," Opgrande said. "You've got I-40, I-44, I-35. You can go north, south, east, west and get anywhere in the entire country, so you get a lot of drug traffic coming through Oklahoma County and Oklahoma City. It's just a small, little sliver of what is actually coming through, but taking 1,600 pounds off is a pretty significant bust."