Dogs let loose by burglar kill, injure neighbors’ dogs in southwest Oklahoma City

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OKLAHOMA CITY - One dog is dead and another injured after three dogs got loose and terrorized a neighborhood.

On Monday, Amiee Neal was one of multiple neighbors around the 2400 block of S.W. 47th who heard the chaos coming from outside. Her dogs' barking alerted her.

"Really just barking and barking, and they usually don't do that," Neal said.

When she got out back, she saw three pit bulls she didn't recognize in the yard next door attacking her neighbor's German shepherd.

"They have her German shepherd by the throat, and they're just shaking it, and blood is going everywhere and she's screaming," Neal said.

Then, they started into her yard and didn't let the fence get in the way, climbing right over.

"Took their little feet, put them in the holes and walked over," Neal said.

One man even tried to shoot them when they went after another neighbor's dog.

When animal control arrived, they discovered the small pack had already killed one person's small poodle mix.

"We're not sure exactly which of the dogs, whether it was all three dogs or one of the dogs that actually did the attack. We do know all three dogs were together during the incident," said Animal Control Superintendent Jon Gary.

Gary said they escaped accidentally.

"The owner's house had been broken into, and the dogs actually chased the burglar out and that's how the dogs were able to get loose," Gary said.

But, the owner could still face dangerous animal charges.

"At the end of the day, it's really up to the victim. I mean the criteria's met, the dogs were running loose, her dog was attacked and killed so it will be up to the victim," Gary said.

The dogs will remain in animal welfare custody until the investigation and possible trial is over.