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Oklahoma City resident says stop signs in her area are a safety concern

OKLAHOMA CITY - In less than a month, Amanda Green said she and her husband have been pulled over in their neighborhood three times for the same reason - failing to stop at a stop sign.

"I think it's a bunch of malarkey for the simple fact that the stop signs are placed where you can't see properly around them. There's an obstruction on almost every stop sign in our neighborhood," she said.

The first two times they received a warning at N.W. 29th and Classen but, last week, Green got a ticket at the intersection on N.W. 30th and McKinley.

She said she did stop but had to edge forward to see past a shrub.

"That's the only thing you can do to get through the stop signs safely,” Green said.

She believes the stop signs are too far back, causing homes and trees to obstruct the view.

KFOR drove around the intersections and noticed the large hedge when you look south from the stop sign at N.W. 30th and McKinley.

The City of Oklahoma City agreed, as well.

"One of our code enforcement officers went out and found that there is a hedge that is obscuring a stop sign," said Kristy Yager, spokesperson for the City of Oklahoma City.

City officials said they will send the homeowner a letter, asking him to trim the shrubbery by the sign. If he doesn't respond within 10 days, the city will come out to do it at the homeowner's expense.

Green still thinks it's unfair she got a ticket for what she said wasn't failing to stop but edging forward to see.

"How fair is it that you're going to give me an almost $200 ticket for something I can't control?" Green said.

The city tells us they are looking into how the stop signs are placed in that neighborhood, which is handled by the Public Works Department.

The city also says if you see an obstruction, to call the action center at (405) 297-2535 and they will come out to look at it that day.